My mission is to support and empower women, children, and men to improve their health and well-being through Health Coaching and Mountain Biking so that we can live fully.

Let’s feel good and do good.

My Story

I was struggling to find joy in my work, I was experiencing fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, cystic acne, feeling ‘blah’, and on the way to autoimmune disease.

In a desperate attempt to create some meaning and joy my husband and I competed in a mountain bike stage race and on the second day I broke my collarbone.

I later realised that that day I wanted to win the race but instead I won my life back.

Support from a Health Coach helped me leave work and see other possibilities to channel my purpose.

This experience was magical; incredibly precious and attracted me to the profession so I could do the same for others.

I started mountain bike instructing and after the first session feeling so good and natural, I thought, I want to do more of this.

Now I have created a life where I am in work I love, I feel energised, and calm, I have healthy glowing skin and my life is full of purpose, freedom, and satisfaction.

I am passionate about positive psychology, the science of well-being, and have experienced its transformative impact first hand.

I use it in all my coaching, at home, and in everything, I do with great results.

As a long-serving volunteer of the local mountain bike club I have developed the junior mountain bike program, am the founder and coordinator of the Women’s Social MTB Group and currently co-leading a Pump Track Project.

It is a privilege and joy (most of the time!) to serve the community. 

I love to dance and don’t do it enough.

Mountain biking is a lifestyle for me.

Ever since I’ve lived in Alice Springs it’s been a huge focus of our life.

Apart from the wonderful community, incredible landscape, and easy access to the outdoors, the main reason we live here is mountain biking.

We can be on trails in one minute and with about 200 km of single track to choose from we are spoilt.

Mountain biking to me means connecting with self, friends, and the country, empowering self and others, play, authenticity, creativity, meditation, and connection with spirituality.

I adore it.

I love the outdoors and have enjoyed a life of growing up on a cattle farm at the foothills of the Snowy Mountains (yes, totally stunning), lots of camping, skiing, snowboarding, and hiking, and a Graduate Diploma in Outdoor & Environmental Education.

My adult life experience includes secondary teaching, living in Japan for two and a half years and speaking the language ( I majored in Japanese at Uni), working in corporate, public service, and not-for-profit sectors.

I bring a delicious fruit salad of experience to my work.

A thread since my dad died in 2002 has been a deep desire to make the most of this precious life I’ve been given.

I have been committed to exploring my values, what I am passionate about, what enables me to experience high well-being, and what my truth is.

Consciously, I have created a life that suits me (and my family), not society. I have designed my life and it feels incredibly satisfying to do so. 

I can’t forget my obsession with food! I’ve always loved it.

The last few years it tended towards more nutritious options to help me feel good and manage my skin.

I like to choose quality, fresh, and organic food as much as possible.

“Wellness on Wheels acknowledges the Arrernte people of Mparntwe, Alice Springs, the traditional owners of this Country, including the beautiful places that we Health Coach and trails that we ride on.”