Health Coaching is a client-driven and client-focused partnership that guides clients to make sustainable lifestyle and behavioural shifts that result in a client’s improved health and wellbeing.

Health Coaching is not:

  • therapy, consulting, advising nor teaching
  • diagnosis or treatment


Outcomes of working with a Health Coach include:

  • transformation
  • increased energy
  • more joy, calm, and contentment
  • improved self-efficacy, productivity, and decision making
  • balance/equilibrium
  • healthier relationships
  • improved sleep and skin
  • goal achievement
  • growth and awareness
  • weight loss


Women and men who are ready to make change, know the coaching relationship is the most reliable predictor of change, and want the journey to be fun; making nutrition and lifestyle changes to improve their health and wellbeing, increase longevity, and live fully.


A time that suits you and me, 1hr a fortnight for 12 sessions, or 1hr weekly for 12 sessions.


Alice Springs or online.

How – Curious?

I offer a FREE 45min Discovery Session where we clarify what you need and want, I explain what I offer, and we see if there is a fit.

Contact me below. I can’t wait to support you towards the person you want to become and the life you want to create.

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